Anschlüsse Flansche EN1092 PN6/10/16/40
Nenndruck PN0 - PN16
Größen DN50 - DN300
Dichtungen EPDM, FPM (Viton), NBR, PTFE, Metallisch
Temperatur -10° T +90°C (NBR),
-10° T +120°C (EPDM)
-10° T +150°C (FPM)
-10° T +200°C (PTFE)
-10° T +300°C (Metallisch)

EN558-1 Reihe 49

Check valve with wide tigtening surface and for mounting between flanges

Description and purpose

Check valves are armatures to prevent return flow in the piping systems.

AWS check valves stand out for their simple construction and their short construction lengths (pursuant to DIN EN 558-1, row 49). They offer an optimal solution for larger nominal diameters and where intermediary flange connections are demanded or are advantageous. AWS check valves in the 930 series are suited to industrial use in piping systems to transport fluids and gaseous substances, as well as in plants in which particularly high demands are placed on the material.



The installation position is user-defined for AWS check valves. They are opened through the pressure of the medium and shut again through a spring, prior to the emergence of a back flow.


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