SNMF532-SNMI52 Smart Namur Valve


Function Single stable with spring return (1 coil) - Bistable impulse execution (2 coils)
Execution 5/2- and 3/2-ways function in one only valve by innovative ACG turning seal "Smart Seal" (only single stable with 1 coil)
Series Standard execution with transparent LED connector IP65 for int-house application, special execution with connector IP67 and different further sealings for outdoor application
Option ATEX Ex d (flameproof) - Ex ia (intrinsic) - Ex m (moulded) - Ex nA (non sparking)

Electrically operated solenoid valve 5/2- and 3/2-ways for mounting on NAMUR pattern of pneumatic actuators.


Innovative turnable sealing plate "Smart Seal"

5/2- und 3/2-Wege Wendedichtung Smart Seal


Visual indication of selected function

Optische Anzeige der 5/2- oder 3/2-Wege Funktion


Function diagram singlestable execution with one coil

Funktionsdiagramm 5/2- und 3/2-Wge Smart Namur Valve


Function diagram bistable execution with two coils

Funktionsdiagramm 5/2-Wege bistabile Smart Namur Valve

SNM Smart Namur Solenoid valve

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