Application Corrosive and aggressive environment like chemical, pharmaceutical and potentially explosive atmospheres

Aluminium black polyester-coated

O-Rings NBR
Ex-classification ATEX II 2G Ex d IIC T6, Class I - Div. 1+2 - Gruppe C+D
IEC Ex certificate no. CQM 09.0016
Enclosure IP66 according to DIN EN 60529
Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Connections 2x M20x1.5 (Standard) - Option 2x 1/2" or 3/4" NPT or BSPP
Universal mounting bracket Steel black polyester-coated, VDI/VDE3845-NAMUR, interface 80(130)x30mm and stem heights 20 (30) mm
No. switches 2 (Standard), 1-4 switches could be built in
Switch types Mechanical  SPDT, DPDT, inductive 2- or 3-wire, PNP/NPN, NC / NO, magnetic
Terminal block White 8-poles
Solenoid connection Option

Aluminium flameproof enclosure are well-established in machine building industry, electrotechnics and wherever quality and robustness play a special role. 

The SABL-case series is characterized by high quality and high impact resistance. The SABL housing series is particularly suitable for use as a switchbox. Due to the high degree of protection of IP66 the enclosure will always protect the installations effectively against environmental influences such as dust and water.

  • Robust cover with 3D visual position indicator OPEN-CLOSE for 2-ways valves
  • IP66 according to DIN EN 60529




SABL- Optische Anzeige T-I-L Bohrung




 Masszeichnung SABL Smart Alu Box Box Large 




We build in thousands of different mechanical, pneumatical  or proximity switches of different construction of famous brands like P+F, IFM, TURCK, BALLUFF, CROUZET, TELEMECANIQUE, SIEMENS, ... in our series of switchbox Smart Alu Box SABL.

Endschalter P+F - IFM - Turch - Balluff - Crouzet


Mechanical - Pneumatical - Proximity - Magnetical - Slot sensor

SPDT - DPDT - NC- NO - Programmable - NPN - PNP - NAMUR - ATEX - ASi

2-wire- 3-wire - Dual

SABL Smart Alu Box Large

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