Application Few space, necessity of a bigger visual indicator and fast mounting

Polycarbonate or vestamide

O-Ring Silicone (for extended temperature range)
Enclosure IP67 according to DIN EN 60529
Temperature body -50°C to +150°C
Connections 1x M16x1.5 (Standard) - Option 1x 3/8" NPT or BSPP
Universal mountingbracket Steel black poliester-coated, VDI/VDE3845-NAMUR, hole pattern 80(130)x30mm and stem heights 20(30,40,50)mm
No. of switches 1-2 (2 Standard)
Type of switches Mechanical SPDT, DPDT, proximity 2- or 3-wire, PNP/NPN, NO / NC, magnetic
Terminal block Black (blue for ATEX), 6-poles (Standard), 9-poles (Option)
Solenoid connection Option (for up to 2 coils)

The fastest mounted box on the market  -  Mounting in < 5 sec. - Electrical connection < 2 sec.

Die schnellstmontierte Box auf dem Markt


  • Direct mounting on actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845 - NAMUR with hole-spacing 80x30mm, stem height 20 and 30mm (with distancing plate and adaptor). Please check the stem diameter !
  • Direct mounting on actuators according to VDI/VDE 3845 - NAMUR with hole-spacing 50x25mm, stem height 20 (with mounting plate and adaptor).
  • Mounting on actuators according to VDI-VDE 3845 - NAMUR with hole-spacing 130x30, stem heights 40 and 50mm by using new innovativ fast mounting bracket.
  • Mounting in few seconds
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Low weight
  • IP67 according to DIN EIN 60529
  • Possibility of connecting monostable and bistable solenoid valves into the switchbox. Therefore the customer needs only one cable for connecting two electric apparatus
  • Different connectors available on request (cable gland M16x1,5 or DIN connectors e.g. M12 with different cable lenghts (different confectioned cable connectors available at good price).
  • Visual indicator for 2-ways valves straight bore, 3-ways valves with T- or L-bore, 4- ways valves with X-bore
  • Both cams are indipendent and can be regulated for up to 360° (turning key is part of standard equipment)
  • Stainless steel screws for fastening of box is part of standard equipment
  • High quality due to complete production of all parts in Germany - Made in Germany !
  • Personalization by means of product colours or tampon-printing of your logo and colours upon request
  • Very competitive product (just find it out by yourself)

Direct mounting without brackets or adaptors

Endschalterbox für Direktmontage ohne Montagebrücke


Mounting with universal bracket and adptor


Abmessungen Smart Mini Box mit universeller Montagebrücke




MBH - ACG universelle Montagebrücke mit Höhenmonitor

Useful options and functions:

The Smart Mini Box can be ordered with a lot of useful options and functions such as e.g.


Zubehör für Smart Mini Box SMB

SMB Smart Mini Box

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